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Solid Waste Management


Solid waste management consists of collection activities, manual and mechanized sweeping, cleanliness and urban conservation, transport, transshipment, treatment and environmentally appropriate final disposal of solid waste (household, commercial, hospital and industrial) and waste arising from cleaning urban.

Thinking of contributing to the control of transport and proper disposal of solid waste, TOMUS has developed a management and operation system that allows generating companies, transporters and handlers to collaborate actively with each other, while serving as an important tool for inspection to visualize the entire waste recycling chain.

Through a set of technologies converging in this objective, TOMUS solutions allow the system to identify the agents involved who are committed to the common good (environmental sustainability) as well as the visualization of those who act irregularly or illegally. Thus, through a simple and intuitive Web interface, we seek to allow responsible companies to have managerial and operational advantages in their internal activities, with complete security and confidentiality of information.

The use of the system, while creating advantages for responsible companies and the population in general, serves as a disincentive for carriers accustomed to carrying out illegal disposal. The practice of these irregular activities greatly harms companies committed to social responsibility as it generates unfair competition in terms of costs. At the same time, irregular disposal is one of the main causes of pollution, floods and urban disorder, as well as a strong generator of diseases.

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