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Trustworthiness and efficiency in structures for water and sewage

In reality, there is no shortage of water on Earth. Most of it is covered by water. However, only a very small quantity is readily available for human consumption. Less than 3% is fresh water, a good part of it being locked in ice caps, glaciers or under the ground. It is estimated that in 2025 almost 2/3 of the world’s population will be having problems with access to water for consumption.
On the other hand, close to 2.5 billion people currently live without access to basic sanitation. Taking industry into account, 2 million tons of untreated sewage per day are poured into river streams.

Such a difficult scenario for the next century may be seen as catastrophic for some. However, TOMUS believes in the ingenuity of human beings and feels a strong desire to live within the solutions which will be developed to resolve the water crisis. We believe that it will be possible to overcome these new challenges.


Bringing together knowledge and mechanical engineering for loss management, energy efficiency and telemetry, TOMUS contributes in the management of sanitation systems for operators in both the public and private sectors. The expertise offered by TOMUS ranges from the catchment area to the distribution of water. It has experience at sewage plants and even monitors distribution management by water trucks.