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Ground water

TOMUS’ experience in the development of specific hardware and software for environmental management, together with the partnership with an important European manufacturer of environmental sensors, were keys to the successful implementation of the well monitoring system in Pernambuco.

The solution

Faced with the growing demand for water use and the growing scarcity of easily accessible water resources, the administration of the State of Pernambuco hired TOMUS to implement a sensing network and software to assist in the management, optimization, monitoring and control of the groundwater resource.

The mission was to implement a groundwater well monitoring network through a telemetry system, in 356 wells in the Metropolitan Region of Recife (MRR), over a period of one year. TOMUS then developed a remote communication module and a computerized system, enabling quantitative (extracted volume, flow) and qualitative (water quality) monitoring.

The scope of work includes:

  • Prior inspection service at installation sites (definition of the technical solution).
  • Supply of 416 (four hundred and sixteen) remote communication modules, developed by TOMUS.
  • Installation service of 356 (three hundred and fifty-six) remote communication modules and 233 (two hundred and thirty-three) water meters.
  • System software development and tuning.
  • Provide communication solution.


  • Inspect the volumes of water extracted from the wells, exceeding the volumes authorized through the grant terms (allowance) for each well.
  • Record the volume of water extracted from the ground by geographic area;
  • Define the consumption profile per well.
  • Identify consumption peaks.
  • Allow consumers access to their own consumption/time data via the internet.
  • Avoid waste, reducing the negative impact on the environment;
  • Monitor water level depth and volumes of the MRR’s ​​aquifer reservoirs.
  • Monitor qualitative levels of the MRR aquifers.
  • Automate the reading of water-meters.