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Sanitary Sewer


Large-scale sewage treatment in cities is essential for the conservation of springs, from where water is collected to supply the population. Contamination of the urban drainage network is an unfortunately common way for this to occur.

The need for greater investments in the sewage collection network is evident. TOMUS has extensive experience in local automation, telemonitoring and telecontrol of lifting stations (E.E.).

We work with the integration of market products (PLC, Inverters and supervisory systems) or with the use of other specific solutions developed by TOMUS. A case of application of a specific solution will be presented below. In this case, the services performed were:

  • Field survey with mechanical, electrical and civil inventory.
  • Gathering integration requirements.
  • Project development, assembly and installation of telemetry panels.
  • Supervisory in Cloud with screens in 3D perspective, with data collected in the field.
  • Integration with sensors and drive panels from different manufacturers and technologies.
  • Preventive and corrective maintenance.
  • Extended warranty.
  • Development of a situation room with 24×7 operation.


  • All telemonitoring panels are identical, allowing rapid fabrication and standardization of installation.
  • Remotely configurable: the panels did not need to be customized in the field (even with the diversity of stations).
  • The customer did not need to make new investments in system maintenance for two years, with TOMUS assuming all operational risks.
  • The chosen transmission technology (GPRS/mobile) with SIM Cards redundancy together with the Cloud system configuration allowed for very high availability (above 99.86%) throughout the contracted period.
  • Web supervisory made the deployment faster, without the need for intervention in the IT infrastructure. of the customer.
  • SMS messages sent to the right operators, depending on the stations’ geographical locations, and working hours. Only relevant alarms. Too many alerts would make the tool unusual over time.


The implementation of the “T.I. Industrial” enabled the client to the remote operation and control of all their stations in a short period of time after the decision to hire TOMUS. Maintenance management became more efficient, as the system started to allow the routing of calls to stations where problems were detected, avoiding the recurring inspections that had taken place until then, in stations that were fully functioning. Additionally, the agility in service significantly reduced the risks of sewage overflows and environmental damage.