Our mission at TOMUS is to find the best solution for challenges faced by clients and to continue growth.

What we Do

We provide consulting services in the evaluation of problems and possible market solutions, in the survey of requirements, in the detailed proposal and joint evaluation of possible solutions, in the field survey (site survey), as well as in the implementation, integration, maintenance and evolution of solutions. hired. Our offerings always start from the premise that the solution needs to be economically and operationally sustainable. We develop and integrate technologies in microelectronics, automation, software, biometrics and energy in order to find simple and innovative solutions. The challenge is what motivates us.

How it is Done

Through a highly qualified technical team and partnerships with world market leaders, TOMUS develops solutions approved by its customers and implemented in more than 200 cities in Brazil. We keep an R&D team always up to date to meet the constant demand for updating and technological advances imposed by the market (suppliers and customers).