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We develop and implement vehicle tracking systems (software and hardware), in addition to integrating with other tracking devices available on the market. Our initiatives mainly involve decentralized operations in multiple environments (especially trucks, tractors and buses). We do not work with tracking for retail (end user).

TOMUS is proud to contribute to the management, planning and monitoring of water deliveries through water trucks in the northeast region of the country. For over 12 years working closely with water trucks and various military and civilian entities, TOMUS is familiar with this challenge and is sensitive to the situation of the beneficiaries of this very valuable resource.

At the same time, we know how difficult are the adverse conditions that truck drivers and overseers are subject to on a daily basis throughout the process, which takes place in regions with difficult access, delicate communication and precarious infrastructure.

We work incessantly to improve solutions so that the population has their rights met and there are no failures in the processes.

More than 4.5 million people have already been served directly through our technological solutions for managing and monitoring logistics using water trucks. All deliveries are planned, and the delivery execution process is automatically monitored by the system, with full visibility and information security for the contractor and drivers.

The financial management of the contractor’s operation and the inspection by state agencies is simplified as all activities generate a decentralized ledger (both via reports in the Web system and in the hands of drivers). In this way, all parties involved in the operation can monitor and attest to the actions of others.