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Control of pressure and management of infrastructure

TOMUS has developed solutions which support sanitation companies who seek to reach their goals through the reduction of loss. Solutions by TOMUS consist of hardware, software and services, permitting action on two fronts:

1. Pressure Control: aiming to act directly on the valves which manage maneuvers and pressure in the distribution network, TOMUS has developed the DLC 15000 family whose examples permit online monitoring and the remote involvement of butterfly and self-operating valves (VPN series).


    1. Facilitates the system’s operation;
    2. Decreases operational costs;
    3. Online monitoring of parameters;
    4. Reduction of losses;
    5. It makes available to us the necessary consolidated information for operation and maintenance;
    6. Automatic operation for adjusting the opening and closing of valves;
    7. Automatic and precision control of downstream pressure;
    8. Reduction in time lengths at maximum pressures;
    9. Historical awareness with the collection of various data, such as flow and pressure;
    10. Constant and effective control to ensure minimum standards of service for consumers;


  1. Savings of up to 12% in the reduction of losses.
2. Management of Infra-Structure: by way of a highly specialized team, TOMUS provides field analyses and reports. The company never fails to provide support, always being able to guarantee greater availability for the system.