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Telemetry permits communication and measurement of information on processes and infrastructures. Remote control permits actions which can be automatic or operated remotely by a team of managers. These technologies are applied in various markets and due to the benefits that are generated they are coming to occupy more space in the sanitation market place.
TOMUS counts on these technologies and believes that whatever the water loss prevention, automation or efficient energy scheme may be, results can only be achieved by way of permanent and efficient management. For this to occur it is essential to implant Telemetry and Remote Controlling inside these structures.
Attending to the needs of sanitation infrastructure, TOMUS has developed software, hardware and partnerships which make it possible to monitor and use remote control in all areas of the network for capturing and distributing water or sewage. Using the solutions provided by TOMUS, sanitation businesses are empowered to:

  1. Perform measurements data collection and adjustments in remote or unaccessible areas;
  2. Gain access to information in the form of live data from pumping stations, reservoirs, flow meters and other electronic and hydraulic devices within the system;
  3. Perform automatic or remote-controlled adjustments in motor-pump assemblies, pressure reducing valves and butterfly valves;
  4. Store historical data for the most important variables in the operation;
  5. Prevent and minimize losses;
  6. Send alarms.